It's that time of year again...graduation...everywhere. From Pre-School to College, I'm sure you've got someone in your life that deserves a little celebrating!

I've seen A&W Root Beer used in the "awesome" capacity before, and I decided to incorporate it into a Graduation gift. The nice thing about a small gift like this one, is that it can be as small or as big as you'd like. Give it as it is, or simply adhere a gift card or some cash to the back of the tag!

I used the mini cans of soda. Not by choice, but because my local grocery store didn't carry the regular sized ones in a six pack, only 12...and the last thing I need (while I'm trying to lose baby weight) is six extra cans of Root Beer hanging around my house begging me to drink them! So, the small cans it was. I think they turned out super cute though, and to be honest, I'd probably go for the little cans again. I also included a TWIX bar, but really any candy bar would do.

To wrap them up I used a cellophane bag, some tulle, patterned ribbon, and string. I think they turned out SUPER cute. (If I do say so myself!)

to download the printable tag

And give a graduation gift to someone special. Graduating is a big deal...they deserve it! :)


  1. Those are adorable, Les! Love!

  2. Thanks so much for this idea! I used it for 4 graduates last weekend! I also edited your printable to say "what an awesome teacher", "Thank You from ****'s family".

    Love your designs.

  3. I love these. Thanks so much for sharing the printable!

  4. what a good idea ! thanxxx... i share the link here : http://pinterest.com/lemondedis/graduation-freebies/

  5. I'm trying to download this label for a Graduate this week but says it's available.. can I still print it somehow?

  6. Hi! I found this via Pinterest but cannot actually print out from the link above. Are you no longer offering this as a free printable?